Designing Our Music Studio


Interior decoration is an important activity which will make your home music studio awesome. Interior contractors in Mumbai are extremely popular for offering amazing interior decoration service and will truly provide a new refreshing awesome look to your old space. It is worth investment to hire a reputed interior decorator as he will execute the decoration job without any glitches.

Interior decorators in Mumbai mainly focus on the goal of revamping the entire existing space and provide perfect acoustic experience for home and commercial music studios in an eye-catching manner. Once you hire the services of professional and skilled interior decorator it is very much possible to attain perfect looking beautiful space for rest of your life.

However, while dealing with interior decorators in Mumbai there are certain crucial aspects which must be taken care of. You need to follow the below-mentioned tips before selecting decorators for your homes or work studio:

  1. Focus on reputation – In order to attain finest features and aesthetics for your beloved home or work music studio, you need to select the interior decorator that has a nice reputation in the market. Today, you will easily find a good number of websites showing the services offered by numerous decorators but you need to select the one that is reputed and popular for good work.
  2. Price – Interior decoration of a space is an expensive activity so does hiring an interior decorator. Just before availing any particular professional service, you must consider the overall budget and the rate of interior decorators in Mumbai. It would be ideal to compare the prices and services, in order to make sure you have the best possible cost effective deal.
  3. Always prefer customized services –If you are able to hire an interior decorator that is ready to offer customized services, I am sure you have a nice man to work with. It will be a real advantage as you can easily save plenty of money and still enjoy the best possible design for your studio.
  4. Experience and skills – Interior decoration is all about experience and skills which will bring out the best innovation out of the decorator. Only a skilled and experienced candidate will have the potential to handle toughest of the jobs and still come up with unique and effective ideas. If you select interior decorators in Mumbai with a poor experience, you are bound to face some trouble.
  5. Offered styles – When you are thinking of hiring interior decorators in Mumbai, you need to make sure the styles offered by the professionals meet your own demands. Every individual has its own unique decoration style but it will be the skilled decorator who will make it look extremely catchy and pleasing to the eyes.

Just apart from these tips, as a client, you must make efforts to provide ample and precise information to the decorators about the accessories and colors required in the given space. The information will further assist the decorator in decorating the space according to your own requirements.

One of the wisest things I believe that Dwele, management, and his label can do is to take out a poll on what people would like to hear (and see for a video!) as the next single.

I know that each and every one of you has their choice picks for the next single from the album. I will already tell you what I think would be good choice pick – “Let You Hair Down”! Of course I have my favorite cuts by him off of the album, but that particular song really has a really good summer time feel to it (like pretty much all of his music!) that’s super catchy!

It’s slightly different in some ways from what we’re normally used to hearing from him and that’s what I love about it. He’s taken something that didn’t start off entirely his and flipped it! To me, it just has a feel good, sort of nostalgic vibe to it whereas I could easily see a 9 year old kid humming along to it as well as a 49 year old person bobbing to it.

It ain’t too extreme for the older crowd and not too artsy and uncommon for the common kid listening to clear channel radio 24/7 (see Viaco…..oops, I mean BET’s 106 & Park). Long story short, I want the brother to truly get heard and blow up and I know for a fact that it could happen.

I don’t want him to suffer the same fate that Bilal, Raphael Saadiq, Tweet (her album faired well as far as the first single blowing up is concerned but the rest of the album did not get promoted properly and it was a DOPE ALBUM, and many other albums that were slept on!).

We’re actually helping to promote him and his music by speaking up. Let’s spread the word. Peace.


Techno music has long been a standard in clubs and parties worldwide, but it isn’t as known and appreciated as songs that feature famous singers and DJs. It’s always been in an underground status of sorts, existing in many forms across different sub-genres, beating like a heart in pop songs under layers of meaty, fame-oriented lyrics.

Well, techno music doesn’t always need words to guide the meaning of sound waves; it can exist as pure sound. If anybody will bother to appreciate the layers of any techno track, they might just find a better music experience to fill that certain emptiness of commercial music.


This is where Monument concept comes in. We are a small group of 6 people (and growing!) working across countries to promote the techno music scene and lifestyle. Our vision? To spread appreciation for the amazing musicians and artists who are continuously pouring their hearts and souls into rave sounds.

The Methods

How do we plan to do it? Well, Monument is already doing it. We are giving techno culture more exposure, just as it deserves, through our blog, podcast, and parties.

We cultivate this underground scene in our blog by spreading related news, promoting artists and announcing gigs. We highlight techno culture’s many facets by talking about music, upcoming festivals, releases and exclusive previews from featured underground musicians, and by hosting interviews with those who are just as involved as us in the scene.

The Sounds

Why do we do it? For the love of quality music and also to promote diversity in sound styles. We can’t always be in love with a single type of… Anything, in fact. This is why it is important to nurture every branch in the great tree that is music because there’s just so many pleasures you can get out of them and they intersect each other in ways we didn’t even think were possible. It just so happens that we have this specific genre as our passion in life.

And why not? Techno is populated by as many different stylistic elements as there are artists who create them and we want to expose those to hungry audiophiles worldwide. If you haven’t noticed, techno is constantly being pushed to one side in favor of music that big labels have the money to promote.

With our great love for anything and everything techno, we dedicate our careers to its rise and the community is indeed rising. This is a big, underground ocean waiting to immerse you, and immerse you it shall.

Around The Globe

Our Monument concept is little only in the number of people who operate it, but the culture where it lives in may be one of the most magical underground communities the world has ever seen.

Do you want to take part in this music revolution brewing since the 90s? Do you want to hear more about the love child of electronics and art? There’s no better place to start than our blog. It is the portal to that place beyond pop sounds and within the realm of awesome. See you at the next party!




Cajon Drum

Many modern musical instruments are cumbersome or have a lot of parts, some need a stand or a stool. But the instrument that we are presenting to you today is a drum, a stand, and a seat all in one convenient box.

This is the Cajon drum (pronounced ka * hone), is a box-like instrument that originated in West Africa and was brought to the western hemisphere by slaves. While slaves didn’t have what we know today as cajon drums, they used shipping crates and even small dresser drawers. The use of these common items was as much necessity as it was likely a form of camouflage needed due to the suppression of slave music by the Spanish. The slaves could sit upon the boxes like stools and disguise the fact that it was a musical instrument of sorts.

Since then, cajon drums have evolved into beautifully engineered percussion instruments that are used around the world. They are constructed of one-half to three-quarter inch thick wood on five sides, and the sixth side is a thin sheet of plywood and functions as the drum head. On the back – the side opposite the head – there’s a sound hole. To play the instrument, the percussionist sits astride the box and uses his palm or fingers to hit the head between his knees. Traditionally just the hands were used to play, but some also use the plastic and metal brushes common to other types of drums.


There are at least four different types of cajons, each designed for a different effect. The snare has a chain along the front and is an excellent choice for a variety of music, but is best known as a choice for Flamenco music. String cajons have strings either along the inside of the head or in the center of the drum, and they vibrate when played to produce rich tone.

Slap cajon drums are constructed in a variety of ways designed to produce specific sounds. Some have corners that aren’t fastened tightly to the cabinet, which buzz or makes a sizzling sound when slapped or tapped. Other slap styles have soundboards that are secured to the cabinet which produces a deep, rich base tone. Finally, there are styles that have two soundboards that can be adjusted to produce different sounds.

The fourth type of drum is called a pick-up cajon, which has a built-in amplification microphone and preamp so the drummer can plug into the amplification system and take advantage of the added features the system offers. While this version’s construction doesn’t offer a variation in sound or tone, it does allow the musician to play in large venues.

A typical cajon range in price from just under $100 for basic models, and up to around $500 for a pro class. The price is influenced by the materials used, features and overall construction. Be sure to search online for info on how to find the best cajon according to your needs, also there are guides that will instruct you on how to play this magical drum.



I’ve heard of the Platinum Pied Pipers on and websites, and I was fortunate enough to hear two tracks they recorded for REWIND!2 cd.

Needless to say, my mind was blown, especially because I usually don’t like for artists to remake songs (unless they can do better). Anyhow, I found that the singer on those song was a cat named Eleuud. I also heard him sing a hook on one of Wasted Youth’s songs.

Needless to say, I copped a copy of Waajeed’s “BPM” and along with it came a promo copy of Best Kept Secret. Again, on the BKS cd, Eleuud sung on the first and last cuts. I thought in the back of my mind, “this cat is trying to sound like Dwe!” As I listened closer, they sounded too much alike.

A few days ago, I purchased a copy of the TRACE magazine with Mya’s fine azz on the cover. They did a snippet on Dwele (and one on T-Love), too. They suggested that Platinum Pied Pipers was his alter-ego. From that point, it became very clear to me that Dwele IS Eleuud.

I may be wrong, but if someone knows for sure, please let me know. I kinda find it ironic that of all the artists on Bling47, Eleuud is only cat that didn’t get his picture taken. And on Wasted Youth credits, nobody mentions him, but they mention Dwele…and on Dwe’s album, WY was the first of his boyz he shouted out!


Acoustic Guitar Amp

Many musicians and record producers want to ensure they get the quality and top-notch music production and it all starts by embracing the latest technology and having the finest gadgets.

Dealing with the very latest equipment ensures good music production in the studio, and during live performances. Once you do this, you shall not worry since you are on your way to attaining quality results.

It is all about knowing the ideal provider, who shall offer you the best acoustic guitar amp, for all your music needs. You can use this gadget during your recording sessions or you can adapt it when you are live on stage.

There are different versions of this guitar and this means adapting a careful method, which shall aid in the selection process and yield good results. Once you do this, you shall not worry since you have the assurance of getting the very best offers in the market.

Know your needs

Musicians and producers know the kind of tone and music variation they want to attain and this leads them to obtain high quality offers. Once you do this, you shall find it much easier to attain the guitar you want. Some want to connect it to the speaker, this means it is controlled electrically, and some want to choose the one, which shall give the best bas chords for their different performances.

You have the rights to compare a collection of guitar amp before making the decision. Testing different levels makes it easy for one to acquire quality results easily and end up with satisfactory results.

Focus on durability

You have the opportunity of choosing the best acoustic guitar amp, which shall last in good condition for many years. The aspect of durability arises once you focus on choosing a trusted and reliable brand in the market. This is the only way for one to attain quality solutions.

It becomes easy and effective for one to attain the best results in the market, once you invest in the right places. Compare different providers, online forums and referrals if you want to attain the best results. Once you do this, it becomes very easy for you to settle for the best quality in the market.

Choose a trusted brand

There are different brands in the market, which makes it harder for one to choose the right offer. Some people want to save on costs and find it efficient when they deal with a product, which is affordable.

However, this shall not yield the expected results. You have an opportunity of connecting to a professional company, which gives you the assurance of getting the acoustic guitar amp. Once you do this, you shall not worry since you are on your way to end up with quality results and good investment for your money.

Buying music equipment is not an easy process. You find many people want to attain good results but hardly take time to focus on knowing more about the different brands in the market, or the effectiveness of several products.

When looking for acoustic guitar amp you need to take time and invest on quality and choosing the ideal provider. Once you do this, it becomes very easy to attain quality results. It all starts from knowing your needs and connecting with the right provider, who shall fulfill your guitar needs easily.

Compare different varieties in the market

There are different brands in the market. You can choose the wrong amp thinking it shall give you credible results. However, this is not the case and you find many people fail to attain quality results.

You now have an opportunity of connecting to the best offer by simply going through reviews and finding out the best providers in the market. Invest your money in an amp, which gives you the assurance of obtaining the very best leads, and sounds in the market as opposed to the ones, which shall not yield good results during your performance sessions.

Know your overall use

Musicians want to use the acoustic guitar amp for live music since it is effective, and gives quality results while on stage. Record producers want to use it since it gives the right chords of music during recording sessions.

One needs to focus on choosing the right brand, which gives them the assurance of attaining high quality leads easily. Once you do this, it becomes very easy to attain the right beats, and have good live performance sessions.

Focus on the core details one need to consider before they rush to buy the amp. Look out for adaptability features, which make it easy to connect with the speaker and other gadgets during your performance sessions.

It is not easy for many people to deal with a provider, who shall give them the ideal acoustic guitar amp. This makes it harder for musicians and producers to end up with the best settings for voice instruments.

However, if you have the right amp, it becomes easy to fuse the music leading to production of high quality music. You also have an opportunity of getting quality results when you focus on learning about the best amp, provider, and effectiveness it shall bring to your music. One needs to focus on selecting a reliable lead in the market for the purpose of selecting quality offers.

Connect with a trusted provider

There are different providers in the market, and this gives you an assurance of getting high quality offers. Some people make the mistake of not investing in a product, which shall give them quality results. This limits one from ending up with the best offers in the market. You do not need to worry since you have the chance of getting to compare from a myriad of users in the market, and this leads you to get the very best amp suitable for all your musical needs.

Purchase online

These days, you have the chance of using the online channel each time you want to know more on the acoustic guitar amp. This is a fast, efficient and reliable process.

You will not need to worry since you have an opportunity of finding more when it comes to quality, durability, performance and adaptability. When you choose to buy online, it is vital to connect to a reliable provider, who gives you the assurance of getting quality results. Once you do this, you shall not worry since you have an assurance of getting the very best offers.

Do this and you shall not regret since you shall choose from a professional provider in the market.




Learning how to play a guitar

If you are wondering how long it takes to learn guitar, well you can actually spend your whole life learning to play guitar, but if you just like to strum along to the songs, you can expect it to take around four weeks for you to learn the basic set of strums and chords, assuming that you acquired great quality instructions.

If you get poor guitar lessons or you are learning through online, it will definitely stall your progress and can even make you very frustrated that you would want to give up.

There are also other factors that could influence your success in learning how to play a guitar and these include the following:

  • The Basics

Picking out simple melodies while learning how to read the chord chart won’t take you long at all. When you’ve mastered just 3 basic chords, you’ll be surprised to determine how many songs you could play with minimal knowledge. If you’re taking lessons from a guitar expert, expect to play at least a simple song after 2 lessons. From there, your progress could depend on your dedication and innate musical abilities to learning how to play a guitar. Several individuals have more natural talent compared to others, so as you progress to a much difficult task like complex chords, it might take you longer to master than the first lesson.

  • The Theory

When learning to play a guitar, it is not a requirement to understand music theory. You don’t even have to learn to read standard notation as tablature and lead sheets have replaced that function. If you’re not interested in learning the theory, your task to learning the guitar is much easier. On contrary, if you like to be a theory master, plan spending two to six years learning how to read the notes, arpeggios, modes, and scales. If you already tried piano lessons in the past, understanding and learning the theory will be simple.

  • Your Goals

When learning how to play a guitar, you should also know your goals. If you want to be a professional guitarist in the future, then you might like to allow more time playing the guitar and learning everything about it for a better career.

While simple techniques can be learned easily in the course of several months, you’ll also have to dedicate some of your time developing your own stage presence if you like to be a performer. But, if your goal is just to play with your friends or accompany others while they are singing, you’ll reach this milestone much faster.

Learning how to play a guitar or any musical instrument is a continual learning process. Each day, you will find new artists as well as new styles that you can try, which can give you a change to learn something new. When practicing, always take note that patience is a virtue and it is very important, most especially if you like to be the master of the craft.

Guitars for Beginners

Finding the right guitar might be difficult, especially if this is the first time that you will be buying one. Considering the number of options available in the market today, you have to understand that you need to choose the best one that suits you. A guitar is your 6-stringed instrument which produces sound every time it is strummed.

The concept, however, has become different through the years, with the introduction of some newer variations. These days, the 6-stringed instrument might reach as much as 12 strings in order to add more flavor to the sound being produced. There is also a possibility that with some effects added, even the less skilled players can come up with something good.

When buying guitars for beginners, there are several tips that you have to keep in mind to narrow down your choices. If your ultimate goal is to be the next Jimi Hendrix, you need to do your home work.

The following tips can help improve your skills through ensuring that you will end up with the right guitar for you.

Amplifier and Electric Guitar

For those who would like to play rock and roll music, it might be best to go for an electric guitar and amplifier. It is crucial that you have both since these can help you in future performances.

These two can help you in getting your preferred set up. It is a must that you invest on an entry level amplifier and electric guitar that comes in a set. Through this, you don’t have to look for the two items separately.

It will also be good to go through some magazine reviews that will give you a better idea on how to choose these items.

Guitar Size

Size can matter a lot when looking for guitars for beginners. The guitar’s size will also offer an easier manipulation of your fingers. Make sure that there is the right distance in between the frets and that the neck of the guitar has a good overall thickness.

These things can provide great improvements and comfort to you. Since every player’s hand is different, it is essential to pay close attention to this particular detail.

Folk vs. Classical Guitars

Classical guitars and folk guitars are made differently. The folk guitars make use of metallic strings while classical guitar have soft nylon strings. From the style to sound, it would be helpful to have them both.

However, if you have a tight budget, just choose one that would best fit the genre that you are planning to get involved with.


The last but definitely not the least thing that you have to remember when looking for guitars for beginners is the price. So far, the mid-priced guitars are said to be most appropriate for the beginners.

You also have the choice to go for a used guitar but in this case, you need to check the sound being produced. An older guitar might be durable but see to it that it can still produce a good sound for every genre that you plan to play.

With these simple tips, hopefully, you can make the search for guitars for beginners easier and hassle-free.

Electric Guitar For Beginners

To achieve Rock n’ Roll, electric guitars are an important ingredient. These can also be used in numerous musical styles, yet with the different options, how can you pick your very first electric guitar?

Choose an Electric Guitar Like the Popular Guitarists

Everybody wants a guitar that makes them wow and this changes from one person to another. Owning an electric guitar that looks like the one that played by famous guitarists can make a huge difference.

Besides, majority of individuals decide to play guitar because they have been inspired by a certain guitarist or band.

It is important that your first electric guitar must be an instrument that will inspire you. And several things could inspire a person more than anyone they admire. A great starting point is to consider what your favorite guitarists play. Not just because it would be much enjoyable to play, but also because of the sound. Various guitars may sound wildly different.

For instance, if your idol is Jimi Hendrix, it would be much cooler choosing an electric guitar that looks like it.

Choose an Electric Guitar That Perfectly Suits to Your Musical Tastes

If you do not have a favorite guitarist, it’s not a problem as you can consider the type of music you like. Majority of experienced players will consider playing any instrument they like as almost all guitars could sound fine in whatever style you pick to play. Often guitarists like collecting some instruments and have various electric guitars so they could enjoy several sounds and tones.

Stratocaster is said to be the most famous kind of electric guitar and can be used in several music styles. In fact, it’s a versatile guitar that’s suited for most styles. Telecaster is a traditional guitar and perfect for traditional rock n’ roll and blues. Les Paul is the best for heavy rock, rock n’ roll, and blue. However, it is normally expensive, yet extremely desirable.

Solid Body VS Semi-Acoustic Electric Guitars

Semi-acoustic electric guitars are a bit different than some models like Teles or Strats because they have larger, semi-hollow or hollow bodies. It only means that they are much lighter and deliver a more acoustic tone compared to some models. But, in other words, it’s not typically ideal for heavy-metal as they tend to feedback more whenever played at loud volumes.

The solid body electric guitars have a main body that’s made of solid block of wood. Depending on the quality and design style of the wood, they can be lighter or heavier. Les Paul electric guitars are known for being heavier compared to some guitars, yet latest models are made with weight-relief designs.

Are You Shopping for a Kid?

If you are shopping for an electric guitar for a kid, you must purchase an electric guitar that’s ¾ size, which is much suitable for the players with small hands. A kid may also play a full-size version of electric guitars, yet not without a particular level of difficulty, so it isn’t really recommended as this might put several kids off.

You can get started here : http://www.fender.com

Best Acoustic Guitar

If you are just starting out in playing the acoustic guitar, you can expect to face a lot of choices when it comes to choosing the type that you need and want. It is a must that you completely understand what you really need and what specifications you would want your guitar to have.

By doing your homework properly, there is a higher chance that you will end up with the best acoustic guitar for beginners that will suit you perfectly.

Amazon always has great deals on Acoustic Guitars

When looking for your first ever guitar, here are several things that you have to bear in mind:

  • See to it that the physical condition of the guitar that you are planning to buy is firmly and carefully glued together. Also, check that the bridge is properly secured in the guitar’s body. Inspect the finish closely because if this is of poor quality, chances are the makers tried to cut corners while forming the instrument.
  • Check the materials that are used in making the guitar. Some of the best acoustic guitars for beginners can be made either form wooden laminate or wood.  If possible, it would be best to choose a wooden model since you can expect for a much better tone from this one. Ideally, the tuning pegs must be made from metal or a really good quality of good. Never go for the plastic ones.
  • Buy a guitar with a size that is right for you. The full sized instruments are around 1 meter in length or you can also go for a three quarter length guitar that is around 15 centimeters shorter. If you happen to have a smaller build, it would be good to buy a smaller guitar that can help make the process of learning easier and so much more comfortable for you.
  • Give the guitar a strum and listen to the instrument’s tone carefully. In the event that you don’t like at all at the shop, expect that this will sound much worse when you get home. When you know a couple of basics, you can try them out then listen to how they would sound. You have to listen for buzzing sound while you play the guitar. If there is, there might be a need for you to make several adjustments. If you have no idea how to do it, you can inquire from the attendant at the music store who will be able to lend you a hand with this.

You might be excited to go out and start your search for the best acoustic guitars for beginners. But, you have to hold on for a minute or more. You need to do some homework and you can go online to get a realistic price range for beginner acoustic guitars. Check out as much information as you can before you settle for any guitar.

Conducting your research as early as now will surely pay great dividends for you in the long run as you will be more satisfied with the purchase that you made.